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My South Dakota Roots

My name is Deb Meade and the purpose of this webpage is to share my South Dakota roots, which also now include Iowa, Nebraska, Canada, New York, Connecticut, Ireland, Germany, England. My surnames include Pugh's and Merritt's from Ireland, Stoddard's of Connecticut and England, Krause's of Prussia, Wohlleber's from Bavaria, Fransen's from Schleswig Holstein and Korth's from Pommerania. What a rich heritage we all claim, and what a joy it is to find each piece of new evidence that brings us closer to knowing those who have gone before us.





I started working on my family tree in 1999, when my youngest son left for college. It has been a wonderful hobby and has enriched my life in innumerable  ways- and I hope it has enriched others as well.  It has helped me know and understand my parents on a different level. I have met 2nd and 3rd cousins that I did not know existed.  I have countless new genealogy friends, through emails, mailing lists and research groups!  My husband and I have incorporated genealogy research into our yearly vacations, traveling to locations where our ancestors lived. The ultimate goal of our family research is to go to England, Ireland and Germany and see the countries that our families originally came from. Each summer we have family reunions, and I try to bring new findings and presentations to help everyone know and appreciate our family-past and present. I have learned alot about the science of genealogy, yet there is so much more to learn! Over the years I have accumulated a lot of information, and I am now at the dreaded "brick wall" with each of my surnames. My next step is to publish what I have in hopes of finding information from other researchers.

Skies of South Dakota


I have spent an extensive amount in the library reading old newspapers- these stories really put flesh and bones on my family tree. 
Pugh's Morrissey's in Iowa 1900-1908

Stoddard-Fransen-Pugh-Morrissey's in the News
J.B. Pugh Family in Iowa
James Pugh 1842 In the News
Patrick Pugh Family
Merritt's In the News
Wohlleber-Heimann-Krause-Korth's in the News
Iowa Wohllebers in the News

I have also spent the last 15 years interviewing friends and family.
Mom Remembers the Farm

Wohlleber Family Stories
Pugh Family Stories 
Pugh Skunk Tales

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